Sprenger Properties 

Moving Out

The Good Way - You move out with a 30 day notice after your lease is up

When you are moving out we ask for a 30 day notice.  If you are moving out at the end of the lease let us know one month before the term of the lease is up.  If you have lived at the house for more than one year, simply give us a 30 day notice before the day you would like to move out.   To give notice you can send a letter or send us a text (573)264-0011.

For the vast majority of renters you paid your last month's rent when you signed the lease, so you will not need to pay any money for the last month of rent.  If unsure please contact us.  If you are moving out after the initial lease is up and you are not moving at the end of a month a partial rent payment will be due or possibly refunded.  Please contact us to determine this.  We prefer that you move at the end of the month.

Once we receive your notice we will send you a letter confirming that you are moving out and will set a time to do the Final Walk-Through and Key Handoff (explained below).  If you would like to do the walk-through at an earlier time simply contact us. 

The Not So Good Way - You need to move out before the lease is up

When you signed the lease you agreed to be responsible for rent payments for an entire year  If you need to move out early and get off the lease here is the way to do it:  Give us notice that you intend to move out.  Continue to pay rent each month and move out as quickly as you can.  When you know you will be out schedule a Final Walk-Through and Key Handoff (explained below).  We will take possession of the house and get the house ready to rent and try to rent it as quickly as possible.  You are responsible for the rent until the house is re-rented.  Once a new tenant signs a lease you are off the hook.  We will settle up with you at this time.

The Bad Way - You are behind on your rent and we have lost confidence that you will pay the rent.

We have either started the eviction process or are about to.  When you signed the lease you agreed to pay our legal cost.  Legal cost run about $400.  So in addition to past due rent, cleaning and repairs you will be responsible for the legal fees.  When we get to this point we really both end up losing.  To make the best of the situation you need to give concrete plans on how you can catch up the rent (this would include a significant cash payment) and/or move out as quickly as possible and give the property back to us.

Once we have started the eviction you either need to pay money owed or we go to court.  If we go to court you will lose in court and you will be evicted.  After eviction we will obtain one or more judgments for what you owe.  This eviction and judgments will show up on public records.   Next we will establish a payment plan for what you owe.  If you do not stick with this payment plat we will turn this debt over to a collection agency.  This collection agency is very good at collecting.  Also time is on their side.  You might not have money today, but you probably will in the future. 

Final Walk-Through and Key Handoff

This should take less than 30 minutes.  During this meeting we will ask you to give keys back to us and point out any items that are in need of attention.  We will do a quick walk-though and ask for your forwarding address.  The forwarding address is so we can mail your cleaning deposit back to you.  We will also ask for you comments or suggestions on what we can do to improve as landlords.

Cleaning Deposit

After you have given the house back to us we will go through it and make it ready to rent again.  You will receive your cleaning deposit less our expenses within 30 days of the final walk-through.  Here are typical expenses:

  • Changing locks if keys are not returned - $25
  • Replacing light bulbs - $2 each
  • Replacing smoke detectors - $15 each
  • Cleaning $15 per hour.  If only minimal clearing is required you will not be charged.
  • Handyman repairs, trash removal or painting $33 per hour.  Not charged for normal wear and tear.
  • Dump Fees $60 per ton, plus time for removing and hauling
  • Materials such as flooring, paint and doors will be charged at their cost.