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Existing Tenant Resource Page


Checks or money orders should be made out to Sprenger Properties.

You can mail checks to PO Box 4153, Scott City, MO 63780 or drop in door slot of our office at 609 2nd Street in Scott City (next to post office).  Please do not leave or send cash.  Each month after your payment we will mail or email you a payment receipt showing current balance.

Late Payments

If your payment is not made in full by the 8th you will be accessed a $30.00 late payment charge.  If your payment is still not paid in full by the 16th you will be accessed another $30.00 late payment charge.

Firstly, we ask you to pay your rent on time, secondly we ask that you communicate.  If you are not going to have a full payment by the 16th it is very important that you communicate with us before the 16th.  The best way to communicate is to send a text explaining when we can expect payment or to include a note with your partial payment.  If we have not heard from you by the 16th we will be sending a letter stating when we will start the eviction process (usually 5 days from the date of the letter). 

Please do not get behind on your rent.  If you are over a month behind we have most likely started the eviction process.  Legal fees for an eviction run about $500.00.  You will have to pay this amount in addition to the past due rent amounts.


If you need repairs call or text (573)264-0011.  When calling please leave a message if you do reach us directly.  You can also email us at sprengerproperties@gmail.com.  We have full and part time handyman on staff and will usually get to your repairs within two business days.  Of course, urgent items are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Weekend work:  We typically do not work or return calls on weekends.  However, if you have an emergency such as broken or frozen water lines, heat or air conditioning not working, contact us and we will work to correct the problem.  To reach us on the weekend call or text the (573)264-0011 number.  Be sure to leave a message, and the message will be checked.  In the event of heat or air not working we most likely will not be able to fix it until part stores are open on Monday, but we can bring you space heaters or portable AC.


We will conduct a home inspection 3 months after you move in and every 6 months after that.  During the inspection we will take care of any minor repair issues we see or that you bring to our attention.  Typically we do inspections the last week of the month.  We will send an inspection notice along with your rent receipt at the beginning of the month and text you a reminder message a few days before the inspection.  It is your option to be present or not, or to schedule a different time for the inspection.

Future Homeowners 101

Pay bills on time and consistently is a great start to becoming a homeowner.  

Emergency Fund

You should have one.  This is the 2nd best piece of financial advise I can give.  For expanded discussion click here

Moving Out

Unless you  buy the house you are eventually going to move out.  Refer here for notes about the move out process.